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Nov 8, 2012 Food Stuff Review

First published in New Nutrition Business, Aug, 2012.

Hollywood Weekly Magazine - July 2012

Behind the Label: Caleb & Ali of Clearly Kombucha


Clearly Kombucha is a brand new, locally produced, artisan kombucha that is a healthy, non-alcoholic option for any time of day.

We chatted with Caleb and Ali of Clearly Kombucha to find out what makes this refreshing beverage unique. It’s obvious they are extremely passionate about their product and the process behind it. Caleb said: “Kombucha brewing is more of an art than a science. Crafting the best tasting kombucha is one part ingredient selection but two parts brewer magic. Taking care of our starter culture, brewing the tea, and leading the fermentation process is a full-time job that requires the undivided attention and dedication of our master brewers.”

Keep reading to learn how Caleb & Ali came up with the Clearly Kombucha concept and how it is made!

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